Brady Wade

Brady Wade is a Songwriter and Musician

from Southern California.  

His songs are as diverse as his influences and his background. 

Crafting songs with influences from

many epic bands and artists,

Brady is a songwriter

who loves to push the boundaries of his talents

and write in many different genres and styles.

His passion for songwriting and collaborating with other 

amazing artists thus became what is now

The Brady Wade Sessions.


Brady Wade Sessions

The Brady Wade Sessions was borne out of a love for 

a variety in genres, styles and sounds that

Brady Wade had created in his music.  

After creating and recording with some of the best, 

undiscovered talent in the Music Industry,  

Brady Wade Sessions Volume I was

the result of a unique and amazing production

by Brady Wade and efforts of collaborations with 

Nic Capelle of Mad Revival and Desi Valentine along 

with a host of amazingly talented musicians and singers. 

Take a listen for yourself and discover the first of 

many unique and pioneering sounds from

The Brady Wade Sessions.

Volume 1 re-releases on January 16, 2017 with all new re-mastered tracks and a special Remix from The Forgery.