Meet the Artists

The Brady Wade Sessions are a unique and ground-breaking approach to making an album and experiencing live music.
— The Music Maven Blog, EMS

Origins of

The Brady Wade Sessions

Brady Wade is a songwriter and musician from Southern California.  He first picked up a guitar at age 11 and thus began a passion and obsession with  learning to play and write music.

Brady Wade had the good fortune of finding amazing artists in Los Angeles and Memphis to sing and play on his songs while he produced and helped guide and direct the process of making his songs come to life with them.

 The results of this production and various collaborations then created "The Brady Wade Sessions: Volume 1".  The sounds are unique and reflect the creation of a gifted songwriter and musician whose vision for his songs was bigger than just him.  Looking forward, Brady Wade plans to create many Brady Wade Sessions albums and Unique Live Events which highlight not only Brady Wade's music, but also amazing the Artists and Bands who helped make the music happen.  


Brady Wade Sessions:

Volume I Artists

Brady Wade
Lead and back-up Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Percussion

Nic Capelle
Lead and Back-up Vocals/Guitar/Percussion/Collaborator/Producer

Natalie Capelle
Lead and Back-up Vocals

Desi Valentine
Lead and Back-up Vocals/Collaborator on "Angels in Disguise"

Joy Oladokun

Lead and Back-up Vocals

Macy Lucarelli

Anthony Marks


Matt Littel

Bass Guitar

The Forgery

House Remix of "Justice"

Horn Section

Trombone: Juice Lopez

Trumpet: Josh Ferrer

Sax: Alekos Syropoulos

String Section:

Cello: Simone Vitucci

Viola: Colleen Sugata

Violin: Cosima Luther